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The Hallmark Channel is an American pay television cable channel owned by Crown Media Holdings, Inc., which in turn is owned by Hallmark Cards, Inc. The channel's programming is primarily targeted at families, and features a mix of television movies and miniseries, original and acquired television series, and lifestyle programs.


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Cheryl's Music Studio says

"No customer service. I've used these for years and now the program won't save cards, wants you to reconfigure printer every time you want to print. Been a customer for many years."

Athena Diva says

"Placed 2 orders, both required follow up because the order was either not shipped (but marked delivered) or the order did not include all the cards. Plus, it takes more than 30 minutes on hold to talk to representatives."

Shirley St Hilaire says

"Trying to reach an advocate at customer care is a joke. After 20 minutes on hold, I finally hung up. Then I tried the chat option and, yet again, no response. It was regarding my specific order and FAQ was not helpful."

Trish G says

"Dont even bother with hallmark puzzles What a piece of junk I'd expect more from Hallmark"

David says

"I tried to purchase the 2020 Hallmark Studio Deluxe version after opening up my 2018 Hallmark Studio program. After I hit the purchase tab, my computer's screen went completely blank then I received an error message saying it could not find Hallmark on the server. I tried several times to get back where I was but nothing. There was nothing in my email account so I went back in and reordered the 2020 Deluxe version with no problem. After downloading the 2020 Hallmark Deluxe version, I noticed that now I had two separate emails saying I ordered the same program twice.There was nothing in my Bank records saying there was two orders. The next day I looked and there was in fact two separate orders I tried calling Hallmark but was directed to a company the handles the Hallmark Card Programs. An answering machine informed me that due to COVID 19 I will not be allowed to talk with anyone, so I had to send them an email. Its now been 5 days since I sent that email and no response back. Hallmark can kiss my rearend! I will never buy anything from them again. My bank tells me I have to fix this through Hallmark. Hallmark I am showing you my middle finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Christine Calvert-Brown says

"I tried to set an account up for ecards but it was so difficult and it wouldn't let me so I eventually went with 123 ecards, which was disappointing as from a loyalty point of view my uncle was one of the first directors of Hallmark, Brian Halliday, I have now received an email from them asking for a payment for an account I couldn't set up!!! I have emailed the sender straight back to cancel to receive notification that the email box 'is full' and can't receive any more emails .... what a scam and a rip off.....if they try and take money out of my account I will demand an immediate refund and compensation........ very disappointed for an experience with a well known British household brand....."

Rex says

"Created a fun e-card. They will make you believe it's free but when you finally want to send the card you suddenly have to pay! This is mentioned nowhere when creating the card. What a ripoff."

Carol Bonniwell says

"SO DISAPPOINTED... I have been a hallmark patron for decades but can no longer be. Supporting same sex marriage is against my faith"

Rafal G says

"awful online experience. Who pays for an ecard? Ridiculous. Next"

Misty J says

"I usual love Hallmark but I received someone’s cards in the mail. I never got my order. I called and no one will pick up the phone or chat. Literally. This is not how you run a business."

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